Kaya FC–Makati

The Philippines is quickly becoming one of the rising forces in Asian football, and Kaya FC–Makati is among the country’s premier clubs. For over two decades, the organization has been home to some of the country’s finest talents, and some of the most passionate football advocates. 

We had the pleasure of organizing media relations for them in 2016, in their historic campaign in the AFC Cup. When they asked us to come on board full time in 2017, it was a no brainer!

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Website content 

Currently, we provide content for Kaya FC's website which include pre/post-game articles and features. This includes all photos and videos in the articles.

 A brochure we created for one of the big games in Manila. 

A brochure we created for one of the big games in Manila. 

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We post daily on Kaya FC's social media platforms to keep the fans up-to-date with the club. From social cards, sponsored posts, game posters, to short videos, the fans are always engaged online. 


Media & Marketing Directors

Unlike our regular clients, Kaya FC–Makati gave us full control of not only creating content for their website and social media platforms, but also the responsibility of developing marketing efforts, and organizing media for the inaugural Philippines Football League season. The grueling seven-month campaign, traveling all around the Philippines, celebrating brilliant victories, enduring tough losses, developing ways to do justice to the amazing stories surrounding the club and its players, while constantly finding means to drive attendance to our home matches, was a brilliant combination of challenges we relished. We can’t wait for the 2018 season to start! Una Kaya!

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